The Magic of Intimate Weddings

Very early on in our wedding planning process, my husb and I were already OVER IT. There are (what feels like) a millioooon considerations to think about when a big group of people gathers together. We seriously considered eloping for the majority of our dating years, so we thought “Why not? Let’s just do it!” 

Despite the *many* times in which we almost threw in the towel and jetted off to a sweet spot alone, we ended up with a small guest list of 36 lovely humans. 

In this experience we discovered the magic of intimate weddings aaand it was the best!!!

small wedding of friends and family

The Magic of Intimate Weddings

Intimate wedding ceremonies are on the up and coming these days. From personal experience, I can attest to why they are an invaluable approach to getting married.

You can connect on a deeper level with your guests

If you haven’t seen some of your guests in a long time or do not live geographically close to them, this is a fantastic way to catch up! You have fewer people to give the obligatory “thank you for coming, it means a lot to us” spiel. Instead, you can sit back with a cocktail and realllly catch up + converse with your humans. It goes a long way for both you and your guests, making the experience that much richer.

People pleasing goes out the window

Having fewer guests goes hand in hand with less people pleasing. When you invite those who are in your corner, rooting for and supporting you no matter what that looks like, you will 100% care less about pleasing those on your guest list. These are the people who see your vision and go to great lengths to make it happen with you. 

You have the margin to fully experience your day

Lastly, when you’ve finally made it to your day, when the count-downs have wound down to zero and you’ve waited it out … Having the people who know your heart and love you best on this highly anticipated day gives you the space and permission to fully experience all that comes to you on your wedding day.

+ that is such a gift!!!


For more on our magical lakeside wedding ceremony, you can read all about it here!

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Or if you’re not sure an intimate wedding is for you and are curious about eloping, read my Reasons Why You Should Elope to learn more!

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