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Golden Hour Wedding

Jeff + Dailey’s wedding day, featuring a midwest backyard ceremony, a family full of incredible dancers, a cinnamon roll cake + the warmest golden hour.

Couple at Blue Hour

Like many this year, Dirk + Maddie had to post-pone their wedding. As a way to celebrate, we had a blue hour session at Fort Pickens in Pensacola.

Do ever do something cool & then think “Wow, was I really there?” My exact feelings about this Max Patch Mountain Golden Hour session.

Unsure what looks good on-camera for a photoshoot? The following is a photographer-approved guide for creating an outfit you’ll feel confident wearing.

Happy Couple at Beach

As a #pensacolalocal + photog, beach couples sessions are pretty typical. BUT, after the holiday season, I was dying to get out there to play around and add a new twist on the Pensacola Beach couples session. So, when Kay reached out to me a few weeks ago about how she wanted to surprise James […]

Couple in Love

In the off season, photographers get a little bit antsy. There’s less shooting and more back-end biz stuff – which can become a bore after a while. That’s precisely how this earthy Alabama glamping elopement shoot came to life. My friend + fellow creative, Lauren (the owner of To Gather in Grace), designed this whole […]

Beach Couple Photos

2019 was probably the most eventful year of my life – full of good things. Definitely fast-paced too. There has been a ton of learning, change, personal discovery, challenge and healing. I am definitely learning the lesson of appreciating the good things in each season while knowing they won’t be there forever. Even though taking […]

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