Ohio Hiking Engagement

Chris and Britt are by far the most outdoorsy humans I have ever spent time with. We met in an Ohio state park that I had never explored and hung out over the course of a hike! Their extensiiiiive knowledge of various birds, trees, mushrooms and plants blew me away. At one point, Britt offered me pawpaw (the midwest’s banana) in the middle of the woods! If I had to describe its taste, I’d say it’s a combination of banana and mango. Definitely a first for me!

I feel sooo excited about their engagement because they too have done the majority of their dating as a long-distance couple. Yes, that has given them the opportunity to do some traveling (to one another): FL, Canada and Alaska, buuuut it’s def one of the most challenging feats for a couple indeed! The upcoming integration of their lives – after seven years of loving each other from a significant geographical distance – will be the sweetest.

woodsy hike

dancing couple engaged

playful engagement

kissing couple

summer night hike

shawnee lookout trees

intimate engagement

outdoorsy couple

Our time together left me feeling refreshed and excited about life. They’re the kind of humans that make you giggle and affirm you all at the same time. Sweeeeet people!

Chris + Britt, even just after spending an evening together it is so evident that you really found each other. You love each other so well.

Thanks for taking me on an adventure + letting me in to capture you as a couple!

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