Pensacola Beach Anniversary

As a #pensacolalocal + photog, beach couples sessions are pretty typical. BUT, after the holiday season, I was dying to get out there to play around and add a new twist on the Pensacola Beach couples session. So, when Kay reached out to me a few weeks ago about how she wanted to surprise James with a session during their anniversary weekend getaway, I could not type “YES GIRL!!!” faster.

Pensacola Beach Couples Session

I super lucked out with meeting James and Kay. They are the most down to earth, welcoming and relaxed couple ever. Kay shared how in this busy season of their lives (they’re both full-time students), they’ve grown to appreciate the quality of time they share rather than the quantity, considering they don’t see each other much during the week. The focus of their weekend was to celebrate 2 years of dating, but also to slooooow down – together. I appreciated the intentionality and maturity there so much. COOL PEOPLE, I’m telling you.

WoOwooowWOW, this session completely renewed my love for beach couples sessions! We lucked out so big with the brightest + warmest golden hour. They kissed, we danced & shared a ton of belly laughs.

At one point, James said, “Yeah, we’ve never done anything like this before.” Whatdaheck, you had me fooled !!! S’cuse me, ya’ll killed it.

You know how sometimes after spending time with really good people you get in your car after saying bye and you feel smiley and warm all over?! Our time together was definitely that – we legitimately left the session as friends. It was a gift to have been welcomed into their circle with such open arms.

James and Kay, THANK YOU. I’m definitely calling you when we finally make our way over to New Orleans! (:

Toes in the Sand

Pensacola Beach Anniversary

Pensacola Beach Anniversary

Blurry Couple

Dating Couple at Pensacola Beach

Gulf Coast Ocean

Hand Holding

Pensacola Engagement Session

Happy Couple at Beach

Happy Couple at Beach

Toes on the Beach

This session brought back all the mems from my very first Couples Session in Pensacola! Which happened to be my first blog post and the first shoot I did after we moved to Florida.

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