6 Things Everyone Should Add to Their Morning Routine

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Natural light

If at first you feel groggy, take heart and open your blinds! The natural light wakes you up gently, brings a pretty glow into your space and gets you going.

Essential oil diffuser

I know, I know. For the longesttttt time I have been mocking everyone about this (srsly, ask my mom … I’ve teased her way too much), BUT now I apologize and take it all back. We recently moved into a slightly stinky apartment and our family gifted us two diffusers. What a game changer! Every morning I refill them, add in a mix of oils and let them do their magic. It changes the whole atmosphere of our space, making it feel much more clean and cozy!

A walk with my pup

I try to get outside with Henry, our golden labradoodle, for a walk pretty early in the mornings (the Florida heat is no joke). I used to resent this time when we lived in northern Indiana, but now it’s a nice way to wake up. We get outside before it gets too hot, while the sun is just settling into position for the day. Sometimes we run into neighbors, see other pups or just have a solo bonding experience, but it always feels good to move around a bit when starting the day. 

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Dunkin’ donuts cold brew

LOOOOVEEE this stuff! When I was living alone at school, I found it hard to justify this purchase. My local grocery sold it for $9.50 and I was on a budget! But, when I did the math and compared the price of these packets to going out and buying single cold brews at my favorite coffee shops, it still was a more economical choice. Plus – it’s delicious & easy to make! I pour a bit of it out of a refridgerated glass container, add an equal amount of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and a dash of cream. Done and yummy.


If you’ve been following along for any period of time, you know that podcasts are my favorite!!! It’s a great opportunity to learn while also doing other things, like chores or driving. I find it especially lovely to listen while making breakfast and getting ready in the morning. If you want to know which are my go-tos, read more here!

Time to read + journal

It’s essential for me, as an enneagram 1, to dump all my thoughts out in some form (journaling for me, yes pls) to be able to effectively go about my day or work through internal stressors or feelings. I like to accompany journaling with quiet time reading my bible and meditation before the day gets going.

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