Elopement-Inspired Golden Hour

Elopement-Inspired Golden Hour

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In my line of work, I get to witness a lot of new / fresh, love – engagements, dating anniversaries and weddings. Excited, full of anticipation and release of good energy. Even though that’s super fun, I still really love when I get the opportunity to photograph couples who have been together through the dating years AND have lived out their vows for a handful of years in marriage too. Their relationships seem more mature, secure and their love more serious. Although those adjectives seem boring, I really think it’s so beautiful! There’s something to say for those who have been doing life together for a while, because I’ve heard from a loooot of peeps, that marriage is hard. So when you meet couples who are sticking it out and still being intentional towards one another, it’s a really cool thing.

For this elopement-inspired golden hour, Kelly and Kevin arrived fully themselves with no pretense. Their posture together in silence made it easy to see they knew each other best — down to their bones. It was so cool to see a mature, married relationship and imagine how their love has grown into what it is now.


To date, this elopement-inspired golden hour is one of my all time favorite sessions. Everything about it was so sweet, simple and relaxed. Kelly and Kevin were so flexible and easy-going, allowing me to plan a different kind of session than normal for my style. We lucked out so hard, gifted with the warmest golden hour to play in after many days of unpredictable weather.

It left me feeling fulfilled and as though I did good work. Thank you for playing dress up, playing together and letting me be your third wheel. Ya’ll are a treat.

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