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In the last year or so I’ve really begun to integrate podcast listening into my daily life. Especially as a female creative, there is so much to do and to learn! Listening to my go-to podcasts is a relaxing way to learn while driving or doing chores. A more efficient way of living. (;

As podcasts have become more popular and I’ve been listening more, I’ve found a handful of my go-to podcasts (for the female creative) that inspire and teach me – about business, marketing, relationships, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and what it looks like to be a female creative.

Kauai Nature

The Goal Digger Podcast

This has been my number one go-to podcast as a female creative since I discovered it. Every Monday and Wednesday morning this is what I’m streaming. Rarely do I listen and come away without learning anything after an episode. During the time I was toying with the idea of pursuing my own business, I stumbled upon Jenna Kutcher’s resources and felt as though I hit a gold mine. All of the information she shares is FREE and has definitely taught me everything I know about marketing and business. Plus, her personality is fun and sweet and that translates into the atmosphere of her show + interviews. It feels like you’re listening to friends chatting, rather than the nitty gritty on marketing strategies.

What We Said Podcast

Hosted by two online entrepreneurs / besties, this show is a mixed bag of funny episodes where listeners send in their own stories, mindfulness content and business interviews. This is typically the podcast I never miss an episode of. Perfect for long drives, washing dishes or editing. 

The Heart and the Hustle Podcast

This is another bff-duo-hosted pod. They offer a ton of poignant business tips with some lifestyle content sprinkled in. I learned how to create my first Instagram reel after listening to one of their episodes. Plus, Lindsey is hilarious so it’s usually a fun listen.

Honorable Mentions (podcasts I loved when I first started my business):

RISE Podcast

Similarly to The Goal Digger podcast, Rachel Hollis hosts the RISE podcast solo, with her insights on business, financial literacy and strategies for entrepreneurs. Episode 98 was one of my absolute favorites, where she interviewed the author of “Smart Women Finish Rich.” They talk about what it looks like to actively save daily and making a debt free lifestyle a practical goal. She is gifted in motivating others to pursue the hard things in order to live the lives they dream about.

The She Podcast

Jordan Lee Dooley, author of Own Your Everyday, shares actionable takeaways about her journey as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, marketing, her faith and marriage. Her show is primarily made up of interviews with others sharing their experiences and how they became so knowledgeable in their fields. 

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