Florida National Seashore Anniversary

Living in a new place and being a photographer is a lil tricky. It’s teaching me a lottt and I hope I’m getting better at thinking on my feet.

I only have a handful of locations that I like to shoot at, considering we’ve been living in our beach town for approx. six weeks. So, when I recently met up w/ a couple to shoot at a newly discovered spot, you better believe it was MAGIC.

You’ve gotta be pulling my leg on this one

I arrived with enough time to do a little extra scouting before my couple arrived. The day had been rainy and had only cleared up a few hours before, making the beach sparse. It was the perfect amount of breezy to keep you cool and deliver the smell of maritime straight into your nostrils.

After discovering a desert-looking clearing and thanking the heavens for such a beautiful night, I checked my phone, noticing it was about time to meet my couple.

Enter: Elise + Trint

playful desert couple

As we were getting to know each other and walking to our first spot on the beach, I asked them to tell me a little bit more about their story.

They shared that they first met b/c they were Arkansas lake house neighbors. Trint literally fell for the girl next door. CUTE ♡

I imagine the high school version of themselves playing on the water during the summers and beginning to notice their cutie neighbs. Sneaking peeks at each other and making excuses to run outside and borrow a life vest hehe … Eventually leading into shared experiences and friendship that would (unbeknownst to them) bloom into more.

messy anniversary shoot

“After 6 years of being best friends!”

Fast-forward to college, the two were states apart and DATING (after becoming bffs on the lake of course). With Trint in Maryland and Elise in Texas, the long-distance dating was not for the faint hearted. Yet, the fruits of their young friendship were in full bloom b/c sure enough, the two were engaged by graduation!!!

& now, they’re seamlessly a year into their marriage ♡

Cheers to lake house summers, being puppy parents (did I mention the TWO cutie german shepherd kids they have?!) and most of all, you guys!!!

Trint + Elise, thx for letting me share your story!

intimate couple

intimate sandy couple beach

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