Barrancas Beach, Florida Anniversary

“Let’s just meet at the ball”

Imagine your first date being a very formal, black-tie-and-gown-required event. First dates are nerve-inducing already, but for Dan + Ashley it was taken to the extreme. Instead of meeting at Chipotle or a brewery, their very first date was a Naval Academy ball!!! Okieeeee yikes, setting the bar high. (;

Med student meets marine aviator: power couple

After the ball, they decided it was too early to say goodbye. So they grabbed a late night snack at McD’s, had some nugs, exchanged jokes and ever since they’ve been a pair. Fast forward a few years, some long distance dating and a Corgi later … they’re married!!!

couple embracing in ocean

couple kissing forehead

Dan + Ashley, thanks for being vulnerable, open and for letting me tell your story, friends.

  1. Zenaida says:

    Mom Z and Daddy D love you both very much

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